From 16-20 April, six members of the mining organization “Minas y Cuevas” from Macuelizo, Honduras, traveled to Colombia to learn about the management of artisanal and small-scale mining organizations. This was possible thanks to the project “A model of responsible artisanal and small-scale mining in Honduras“, implemented by the Alliance for Responsible Mining and financed by the Lundin Foundation.

During the trip the miners were able to expand their knowledge on organizational aspects and gold processing, as well as collect information for the development of their own business model with a community-focus which shall drive wellbeing of their associates and surroundings.

The miners toured the territories Pasto, Los Andes, La Llanada, Huila, Yali, Segovia, Anori and Medellin and were able to get to know six mining organizations, of which three are Fairmined certified. They could learn about the benefits of responsible mining and the importance to comply with the national legislation. They could identify themselves with many of their Colombian counterparts who started as informal miners and advanced towards becoming formal and organized small-scale mines and were motivated and confident that they could achieve this goal as well.

The miners from Macuelizo were accompanied by ARM staff and two members of the artisanal and small-scale mining organization “2 de Julio” from Choluteca, Honduras, which is being supported by the GAR mercury project, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme and financed by GEF (Global Environmental Facility). The project representative also made part of the group, as well as the head of social development of the Honduran mining authority INHGEOMIN. This support was valuable as these experts were able to provide specific information on operational, organizational and legislative norms of the sector.


Get to know the Fairmined mines that were visited:

La Fortaleza (Los Andes – Nariño)

COODMILLA (Los Andes – Nariño)

Iquira (Pacarni – Huila)

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