Current donors and allies

In the Alliance for Responsible Mining we are constantly building collaborative relationships with a diverse array of allies from around the world in order to support and generate positive and lasting change in the ASM sector.

We are proud to have worked with a wide-variety of world-renowned organizations from different geographic areas over the past few years.

These collaborations have laid the groundwork for the projects we have undertaken with ASM miners and their communities. These relationships have also given us a valuable insight into how we can work with various partners and provide vital support to the ASM sector.

Bilateral and multilateral patrons

The Senior Supervisor of the project congratulates ARM and its team for the excellent management of the program, its quality, rigorousness and the accumulated results to date. This not just allowed ARM to comply with the agreed and set indicators, but even exceed the objectives for the majority of activities within the logic framework.”  Carlos Novoa, Senior Specialist BID/FOMIN

The Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation supports financially in Colombia to identify artisanal and small-scale mining organizations  with the potential to achieve the Fairmined Certification; to perform the corresponding gap analysis; to define action plans for improving mining practices, and to accompany the artisanal mining organizations to achieve the Fairmined certification.

Private Sector

We work together with private sector organizations such as jewellers, electronics companies, mints, as well as the financial sector. There are many ways that companies can get involved in our work, such as:

Financing projects to support mining communities that are working towards their Fairmined Certification or the formalization of their mining practices

Among others, the organization can rely on the support of jewellery sector companies such as Chopard and currently with the support of Microsoft in Peru.

Buying Fairmined Gold

There are more and more private companies in the jewellery, electronics and financial sectors committed to the purchase of Fairmined Gold. Fairmined currently has a network of more than 130 licensees present on 21 countries.

Providers of ASM services

ARM has been able to build sustainable relationships with consultancies with a lot of experience in ASM, who we work with in our project frameworks:

NGOs and social foundations

Is a world leader in the fight against corruption and operates in more than 100 countries. In the framework of the National Forum for Colombia, ARM works with them to represent civil society in the EITI National Tripartite Committee and is part of the Civil Society Transparency Bureau in the extraction sector.


Polytechnic University of Catalonia supports us every year in collecting field samples and analyzing them in the laboratory. To achieve this, some students travel to Latin America to support the ARM technical team in the field.

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