January 4, 2024. – On its twentieth anniversary, the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) announces key movements within its Board of Directors. These changes reflect a continued commitment to governance excellence, sector diversity engagement, and the consolidation of its pioneering role in responsible artisanal mining globally.

Gina D’Amato, Executive Director of ARM, expressed gratitude to the outgoing board members:

In 2024, ARM is celebrating two decades of leading critical discussions and actions for sustainable and inclusive development. In the spirit of renewal and staying at the forefront, we have taken a step forward with a reconfigured board of directors that will continue to bring diverse expertise and a shared commitment to the vision of responsible artisanal and small-scale mining. With nostalgia and heartfelt appreciation, we thank Cristina, Toby, Urica, and Emmanuel for their dedication to the benefit of mining communities, and we welcome the new members, confident that their experience will strengthen our mission and drive our goals for this new beginning.

Aligned with the ARM 2.0 strategy aiming to advance to the next level based on knowledge, efficiency, and value orientation, a search and selection process was conducted for members providing a diverse, representative, vision into the future of the challenges facing ASM in the context of energy transition and sharing the values of ARM. In this regard, the new members come from the mining sector, industry, and academia. In 2024, we welcome to our board Lina Villa, a development specialist and former executive director of ARM, Anny Jaramillo, a mining engineer, director of a MAPE mine located in a conflict zone, and Representative of small miners, Patience Singo, a mining engineer from Uganda with extensive experience in MAPE project development, Daniel Franks, a Ph.D. in Mineral Policy and Deputy Director of the Sustainable Mineral Institute at the University of Queensland, Australia, and Robin Kolvenbach, a Ph.D. in chemistry and Co-CEO of Argor-Heraeus SA (Switzerland), one of the world’s leading gold refiners.

The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) highlights the valuable contributions of the outgoing board members: Cristina Echavarría, Toby Pomeroy, Emmanuel Antwi, and Urica Primus. Their dedication and expertise have left a mark on ARM’s trajectory, enriching its history of achievements and consolidating the organization’s mission.

Thus, the ARM board will be composed of:

Patrick Schein as president, Laura Barreto, Harbi Guerrero, Felix Hruschka, Manuel Reinoso, Gabriela Factor, Matthew Chambers, and new members Lina Villa, Anny Jaramillo, Patience Singo, Daniel Franks, and Robin Kolvenbach.

ARM reaffirms its commitment to continue leading the way towards responsible and sustainable mining. “With a renewed and diverse board, we are excited to embrace new opportunities and challenges that arise in this new chapter of our history. Throughout our existence, ARM has not been afraid to innovate. Our commitment is to carefully listen to different voices from the mine, the industry, and academia so that in the third decade, the organization becomes a preferred ally in all matters related to ASM,” said Marcin Piersiak, Executive Director of ARM Europe.

Patrick Schein, Board President, stated, “First, I want to thank the four outgoing members for contributing to the organization. ARM will always be their home. I want to welcome the five new members who will bring a new academic and business perspective to the organization. We have a diverse board that covers all fields of ASM from the mine to the market, accompanied by recognized experts and academics. We will be working to define and validate the organization’s strategy and be available to support the team as needed. In a world where artisanal mining supports more than 2% of the global population, ARM aims to support the sector in delivering certified and/or responsible metals to consumers. The world increasingly needs to ensure that products from mines are as responsible as possible from an environmental, economic, and social standpoint.”

20 Years of Commitment and Achievements:

On this twentieth anniversary, the ARM Board of Directors celebrates two decades of dedication to promoting responsible mining practices. The diversity of the Board is a testament to the commitment to including academic voices, representatives from the mining industry, and market experts.

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