How do we support organizational management and development, and business management in the process with mining organizations?


We boost the growth of mining organizations along with the performance of their collaborators

At Alliance for Responsible Mining, we add economic efforts to make an economically profitable and sustainable activity out of artisanal and small-scale mining for groups of miners, through the support and creation of organizational development strategies with methods and instruments that lead to optimized interaction among people and work groups. 

With that, we contribute to the constant improvement and renovation of economic-administrative systems, aiming at increasing efficiency and wellbeing of the organization, ensuring sustainability and mutual development of the Company, its employees, and occupational health, guaranteeing the protection of all people in their work environments.

What is the message for artisanal and small-scale miners to successfully implement their formalization process?

Perform their artisanal and small-scale mining activities in compliance with the regulatory framework, oriented towards the implementation of organizational schemes, focused on the compliance of their philosophy by strengthening their internal processes under appropriate conditions of organizational atmosphere culture, and designing their business plan, will enable them to project themselves as a profitable, sustainable organization.

Alliance for Responsible Mining

Find about our strategies to support organizational management

Business Management Strategy


We make business-approach plans that will enable mining organizations to identify the profitability of their business, as well as generate the capability to optimize their processes and, this way, generate better returns to the project, thus contributing to long-term sustainability.

Organizational Management and Development Strategy

We implement methodologies oriented to foster planned changes within a mining organization, where people are the main pillar of everything. We focus on balancing organizational processes and a sense of belonging, as well as on aligning the collaborators and the company goals to increase their productivity. It is all about encouraging the company’s organization and operation.

Why is it important for the ASMOs to manage their organizational development?

It is important for the ASMOs (Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Organizations) to manage their organizational development because it leads them to establish planned changes through a set of techniques and strategies. It focuses on people, as they are the ones who should understand the Project implemented.
The ASMO should lean on this strategy when decided to manage a change to improve organizational processes because it will facilitate the path to follow. Additionally, as it considers the human factor, that will minimize project risks.


Being organized, more than meeting requirements demanded by the law brings identity, allows visibility, credits the seriousness needed to negotiate, shows compliance with the different obligations, and increases the customers’ confidence.

These are some advantages of being organized:


These are some advantages of being organized:

  • Enables business visibility to its customers
  • Proclaims the quality of the business
  • Generates legal security
  • Protects the name of the Company and business legitimacy
  • Generates market position
  • Facilitates access to the financial system and obtaining credit loans
  • Opens Access to fiscal credit (Peru)
  • Brings Access to other business strengthening services for micro and small formal entrepreneurs (free training, forums, fairs, national and international business conferences)
  • Encourages expansion to the international market
  • Facilitates Access to non-refundable resources
  • Allows business sustainability

Our business management strategy has two lines of attention

Construction of business plans or financial models

They enable artisanal and small-scale organizations to know the estimated profitability of their business, as well as their costs/expenses, weaknesses and strengths, and aspects to improve, among other situations or processes that may hinder growth opportunities of the organization.


Strengthening business capabilities

They enable the development of capabilities and skills in ASMOs that enhance business management. Some predominant ones are accounting and financial standards, ASMO/ASMP tax obligations, marketing, financial statements, and others.


How do both methodologies converge to make the organization of miners possible?

Both organizational strategies converge in the generation of stability for the organization’s internal processes, and its sustainability protection.

Alliance for Responsible Mining


Mineros La María SAS


The support to Mineros La María S.A.S. Mining Organization and the societies that comprise La María subcontract have allowed the constant adaptation of strategies, from an organizational component to all the needs and dynamics of the territory by approaching key aspects such as institutional philosophy, organizational environment, internal work code, the legal constitution of societies, and traceability, in addition to other underlying topics that come from everyday challenges, to which ARM responds with efficiency and accuracy.

The key to our success in the municipality of San Roque – Antioquia, is: the participative construction or adaptation of methodologies with mining organization, and the leadership the mining organization takes on specific tasks to develop.

Peru – Divinas en Brillo de Oro 

From the organizational development and business management strategies, ARM has developed, along with the association, the construction of its business plan, which includes the creation and the development of the QORI MAQUI Brand. Also, there has been accompaniment in the process for CECOMIP to provide support to the jewelry workshop as another area of the organization.

To this date, the workshop has 8 women among partners and their daughters, who have learned this knowledge in a very technical way, concerning jewelry production in silver, and now they are responsible for replicating that knowledge to other interested members of the team.

Minas y Cuevas

In Honduras, the support to Minas y Cuevas, as the first mining organization supported by ARM in this territory, has been integral in both organizational and business aspects. They have developed strategies to strengthen the mining organization by offering different types of training, among them: leadership, decision-making, management strengthening, document management, human resource management, financial management, and accounting aspects, among others. Likewise, there has been support in enhancing internal governance with training on leadership, decision-making, conflict resolution, assertive communication, construction of a flowchart as a tool for information flow and prioritization of decisions.

In the business field, they have had support in the construction of the business model which involves the creation of cost matrixes, investment needs, production projections, financial models, and production balance calculation, all of this aiming to generate sustainability of the mining organization.

Find the support material created as part of the accompaniment to mining organizations


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