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Over the last two years, ARM has decided to expand its portfolio, offering its expertise to provide services aimed at the development of Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) into a more socio-economically and environmentally responsible sector that generates well-being for miners, their families and their communities.

Why use our services?

With more than ten years of experience in mining-impacted regions, in both Latin America and Africa, we are pioneers in the analysis of the sector, in promoting good practices and in developing standards for artisanal and small-scale mining for gold and associated metals such as silver and platinum.

Our expertise includes the following:

  • A group of ASM experts recognised at an international level
  • A bottom-up approach, developing our actions from a local to a global level
  • A focus on tangible and long-term results
  • A broad network of allies and clients (at local, national and international levels)

… and we focus on different strategic issues:

  • Formalization processes of the ASM sector
  • Responsible supply chains and Due Diligence in high risk and conflict zones
  • Conflict-resolution in the mining sector
  • Inclusive Governance Models for ASM
  • Human rights
  • Setting appropriate standards
  • Clean technologies for reducing environmental impact
  • Providing training for miners and trainers (Physical and virtual training centre)
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