Sustainable Mines Program

Sustainable Mines Program:

be a partner for change

What is the Sustainable Mines Program?

The Sustainable Mines Program is a collaborative initiative developed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining for positively transforming artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) and providing an ethical sourcing solution to the industry.

Together with our allies, we promote sustainability as a progressive path towards a responsible, productive and profitable supply chain.

An alliance to create ASM responsible gold supply chains:

program value proposition

How can we achieve this?

Together with the allies of this program, we support men and women miners in their continuous improvement process to position themselves as sector leaders. 4 progressive stages are required to achieve this:
Lead X
Lead. Sustainability leaders. These mines are the beacon of the sector, implementing demanding economic, social and environmental practices and are committed to maintaining the Fairmined certification and continuously improving their operations and impacts.
Embrace X
Embrace. Embracing sustainability. These mines are transitioning from survival to economically viable businesses. They meet the basic health, safety and environmental management requirements of their operations.
Compliance X
Compliance. These mines have the potential to market their ore legally and control the worst risks associated with the sector: child and forced labor, conflict financing, money laundering and theft.
Wake up X
Wake up. These mines decide to organize themselves for mining work and take their first steps towards the path of responsible mining.

And by means of:

Annual Sustainability Plans:

Actions to strengthen mining organizations organizational, technical, environmental, social and trading capacities.


Independent certification

and CRAFT Report for Due Diligence

Why become a partner for change through the Sustainable Mines Program?

Success Stories:
ASM Transformation

The mines that have joined the program and grown over time are proof that it is possible to embark on the path towards responsible and sustainable ASM.



Minas y Cuevas


Support to Minas y Cuevas, a mining organization pioneering formalization processes, to continue their mining community practices.

  • Development of the organizational structure, internal work rules and work organization.
  • Accounting and traceability.
  • CRAFT report for due diligence to gain reliability and meet buyer needs.
  • Replacement and implementation of new technologies.
  • Reduction of mercury use by more than 90%.
  • Construction of safe mine tunnels.
  • Use of personal protective equipment.




Íquira: An example of responsible mining in Colombia.

  • A Fairmined-certified mining organization that has held the certification for the longest time.
  • In 2014 they managed to make their first gold export.
  • Their gold has been used for crafting Chopard’s Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or and the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • They have exported to some countries in Europe and North America.
  • 100% of their Fairmined gold production is exported.




  • A Fairmined-certified mine that is currently on its way to achieving the Fairmined Ecological Gold certification.
  • They have integrated clean technologies and stopped using mercury in 2020.
  • They fertilize soil with compost they make from their organic waste.
  • They have already exported to major buyers in France and Switzerland, building trustful relationships.




Mobile processing plant for women mineral selectors in Cauca, Colombia.

  • An opportunity for regulatory compliance and free-mercury processing.
  • Approved environmental permit to use our mobile gold processing plant by gravimetric methods.
  • 57 women selectors got benefited.

Become a partner for change:

be part of the program and strengthen your ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance criteria) performance.

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