Miner’s support

The Mining Services department of ARM is responsible for providing assistance, information, and guidance on technical, legal, economic, environmental, labor, and social matters to its diverse project participants, which include ASMOs, public officials, women mining associations, and educational institutions. Through this support, the organization seeks to contribute towards developing a mining sector that is sustainable, responsible, inclusive, protective of the environment, and respectful of human and labor rights.

To date, support services have been provided to:

ASM Organizations

Among small businesses, cooperatives, and mining associations

Individual miners


in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and Mongolia

Some of our most significant achievements:



Mercury reduction

in four mining cooperatives in Bolivia and Colombia, after receiving training on retorts and instruction on optimal uses


Mercury reduction

In two cooperatives in Colombia and Bolivia, by implementing gravimetric concentration methods

Mercury elimination plans based on metallurgical testing


Progress on the plant

In a mining association of Colombia.

Labor Conditions


Written labor contracts in the intervened organizations


Social security payments


Use of occupational safety equipment

Occupational health and safety management systems

Tunnel safety analyses based on geo-mechanical studies

Clear and non-discriminatory labor policies

Spaces for dialogue between workers and employers

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