Work with us


In being part of our team, you can rely on the following benefits:

  1. A week’s leave in December: not deducted from an employee’s annual leave, and is approved by the Board of Directors every year after reporting the year’s performance.
  2. Telecommuting: one day per week (at the employee’s discretion) they may work from home. This is usually on Wednesday and Thursdays.
  3. Direct support from the Administrative Unit of ARM in tramitology to obtain a work visa.
  4. Economic aid of $250.000 COP for the payment of visa once approved.
  5. Flexible work schedules: In Colombia, the Colombian Labour Law determines a maximum legal working week of 48 hours from Monday to Saturday. In our organization we work from Monday to Friday from 8am until 5pm, with a lunch break of one hour. This totals 40 hours per week. Additionally, the permit paperwork does not go through very bureaucratic approval processes.
  6. Engaged and driven work team.
  7. Quiet working environment with cultural diversity.
  8. Horizontal hierarchical structure that allows the contribution of ideas and personal growth of all individuals within the organization.

Volunteer with us

The benefits of volunteering in an organization are numerous, but to make them a reality it is essential to create the necessary conditions for its fulfilment. When organizations have the possibility to expand and strengthen their actions through the participation of volunteers, they should establish a volunteer programme that meets the needs, opportunities and resources of the organization.

Therefore, the volunteers within our organization usually devote their time to areas like fundraising, marketing, public policies, communications, translations alongside various projects and support for our producers.

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