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ARM has participated in formalization and improvement initiatives in artisanal and small-scale mining in 15 countries in Latin America and Africa.


More than 150 mining organizations have received our support. Currently, 10 of them count with the Fairmined Certification

1,530,000 USD of Fairmined Premium has been paid to certified mining organizations to invest in their development and community projects.


We started the activities of the new stage of the project Somos Tesoro in Boyacá, Colombia!

From the 13th to the 15th of March various activities took place as the starting point of the new stage of the project Somos Tesoro.

Training workshop on the OECD Due Diligence Guidance

On February 27, the skills workshop on the OECD Diligence Due Diligence Guide was held in Medellin, Colombia, in order to understand the context, objectives and recommendations, as well as to analyze in depth the necessary steps for its implementation.

Inauguration of Minas y Cuevas’ gravimetric plant, Honduras

On the 8th of February we inaugurated the gravimetric plant for the recovery of gold and other metals of the artisanal and small-scale mining organization (ASMO) Minas y Cuevas in Macuelizo, Honduras. One of the main benefits of the plant will be the ability to obtain gold without the use of mercury, thus reducing environmental impact.

How we are facing 2019

For the Alliance for Responsible Mining, 2018 ended with some encouraging news, such as the increase from 8 to 11 artisanal and small-scale mining organizations certified under the Fairmined Standard (in Colombia, Peru, Bolivia and Mongolia), and the growth in the volume of Fairmined certified gold in relation to the previous year.

Fairmined meeting Europe: The gathering of the “Fairmined family”

On 7 January 2019, a special meeting took place in Vienna, Austria. People from all over Europe gathered to talk about one of the most exciting topics in the gold sector: Fairmined.

Press Releases

Proposals on mercury after COP2

26th November 2018 This week, the second meeting of the Conference of the Parties of the Minamata Convention on Mercury (COP2) took place in Geneva. The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM)...

Monnaie de Paris launches the first coin made of Fairmined gold in France

Medellín / París. May 14th 2018 Photo (c) François Tancré - Samlerhuset On the occasion of the centenary of the First World War, Monnaie de Paris, France's longest standing institution and the...

Second Responsible Gold mine certified in Bolivia: the Mining Association of Yani R.L.

March 23, 2017 When the Bolivian mining cooperative Yani R.L. obtained Fairmined Certification in March 2017, each and every member of the Cooperative were rewarded for their commitment to high...

The King’s Choice : the world’s first commemorative medal in Fairmined Gold

December 15, 2016 Photo (c) Samlerhuset After the Nobel Peace Prize Medal being made of Fairmined Gold, Samlerhuset and the Mint of Norway decided to launch the first Fairmined commemorative medal...

The Nobel Peace Prize Medal shines bright with Colombian Fairmined Gold

Dicember 10, 2016 The Nobel Peace Prize medal 2016, which will be awarded to Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos tomorrow 10 December in Oslo, is made of Fairmined Gold from two Colombian...


Water management in artisanal and small scale placer mining

Water is the most vital resource for life. Which is why it is important to understand the impact of artisanal and small-scale placer mining (ASM) on water bodies and watercourses and implement the correct water use and management practices.

Transition plan for the elimination of mercury use in artisanal and small-scale gold mining

Public positioning of the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) on mercury.

How do we jointly define priorities to improve the conditions of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM)?

In an event for dialogue and regional participation that we organized at the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) to get together with different stakeholders with whom we had been working with in Colombia (Cauca and Nariño regions), we built an agenda aimed at giving more visibility to artisanal and small-scale mining. This agenda was created based on the accomplishments, challenges and learnings that we identified throughout a year through the relationship with multiple stakeholders.

“Sustainable Jewellery. Principles and Processes for Creating an Ethical Brand “

The launch of “Sustainable Jewellery. Principles and Processes for Creating an Ethical Brand” shows us the revolution that is taking place within the jewellery sector today. An opening to the secrecy that characterizes it, if we compare it to more innovative and communicative industries like fashion, in which we find an endless number of publications addressing its harmful impact on the environment, and the question of developing sustainable practices.

The final step to achieving a mercury free dream

The general assistant of Gualconda mine and president of the Asociación Agro Minera de los Andes “Fortaleza”, Rolberto Alvarez, has been on a mission to eliminate mercury from the processes used by the 13 member association to extract gold. In December of 2017 the Colombian association accomplished this goal.

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