The International Numismatic Congress, which takes place every six years, represents the world-renowned event in the field of Numismatics. The event is an opportunity to raise awareness on how to contribute to the improvement of mining communities in South America, Africa, and Asia. This year, this event was held in September in Warsaw, Poland.

During the gala dinner, Ole Bjorn Fausa, co-owner of the Samlerhuset Group, which sources Fairmined gold, gave an inspirational speech in which he encouraged the Numismatic sector and medal makers to support ethical gold sourcing: 



“We produce the Nobel Peace Prize Medal every year, which is of course struck in Fairmined gold. We encourage the government, central banks, and mints to source gold people can be proud of owning. 


Whenever you can, advocate for your national decision-makers to take a stand for coins that do something good for millions of poor miners in the developing world. Encourage them to turn to Fairmined or other organizations that work for the exact cause. You can actually help make an important change!”


Marcin Piersiak, executive director of the Alliance for Responsible Mining for Europe, also attended the event: 


We would like to thank Skarbnica Narodowa and Samlerhuset Group for inviting and promoting the Fairmined certified responsible mining industry. We are proud of this partnership, which brings concrete environmental and social benefits.


The Samlerhuset Group has sourced Fairmined gold since 2015 from certified small-scale mining organizations in Colombia and Peru, and it has made the Nobel Peace Prize in Fairmined certified gold since then.

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