300 native tree species were planted in the municipality of San Roque, Antioquia, by miners who are part of the Mineros La María organization, as part of their commitment to the recovery of the project’s intervention areas.

This activity was carried out in collaboration with the Alliance for Responsible Mining, ConTREEbute, and Gramalote.


Alexander Martínez, Environmental director of the mining organization highlighted the importance of this day´s labor:

It is vital to reforest and intervene in degraded areas where these operations were previously carried out in an artisanal way, which generated negative impacts on the environment, due to the disposal of sterile material“.

That is why the importance of generating these spaces is to raise awareness in the mining community.

There were 45 participants in this activity, including representatives of the three organizations promoting the reforestation day´s labor and the community.

These day´s labor are important and should be held to “tell the world that it is possible for artisanal and small-scale mining to be carried out in a sustainable way, that it is friendly and that it takes place in spaces where it can coexist with the environment and with nature.” says Martínez.

Robinson Cañas, administrator of El Cañal, one of the organization’s Mining Production Units, was also present:

“We have been learning that we must return the wealth that we have once taken. The environmental zone is extremely important in the development of our work and our mining activities, so we must take care of it”.

In addition, it makes a call and an invitation to other miners: Let us be aware that we have a planet to take care of, to strengthen and even in our activity we can improve it by having good practices”.

600 native species have been planted so far this year and Mineros La María continues with its environmental commitment. In the remainder of the year, another 1,100 species are expected to be planted.

Get to know more about the project here.

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