CRAFT: A participative and agreed upon standard

The second consultation of CRAFT standard, a passport to formal markets, closed succesfully, with results that will be useful for the artisanal and small scale mining sector and its supply chains. Involving the participation of different companies and organizations, the Alliance for Responsible Mining could include valuable comments from the participative consultation in the CRAFT concerning aspects on human rights, and social and environmental issues, among others.

The increase in the demand of risk-free minerals is a tendency that takes more importance internationally. Therefore, this second consultation was imperative and it had  contributions from:

  • The participation of 285 people in 20 countries
  • 62 refiners, NGOs, government agencies, other initiatives from the industry associated to artisanal and small scale mining.
  • 270 individual comments received
  • 137 forms filled (which were specifically focused on 4 topics and 4 communities)
  • 9 webinars and consulting sessions.
More details on the consultation:

The following activities were performed between March 30 and May 30, 2020. All of them were online due to the global pandemic situation:

  • CRAFT International Webinar as OECD replacement session.
  • Webinar with RMI ASM Mining Group.
  • Francophone CRAFT webinar.
  • Spanish CRAFT Webinar.
  • EPRM session.
  • 4 Webinars and CRAFT meetings support from PlanetGOLD coordinators from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, AGC (Philippines and Mongolia) and Indonesia.
  • Consultation of the CRAFT report format with two mining cooperatives: Coagromin and Coodmilla (ASM cooperatives).
  • Consultation session with IMPACT.
  • Colombia Mining Dialogue Group GDIAM work session.

All of the above, with the presence of actors from the following continents and countries:

What is CRAFT?

CRAFT is a standard that works as a passport to formal markets for men and women miners that work at an artisanal or small scale.

CRAFT includes the requirements that encourage miners and work to improve progressively on the path of responsible mining.

CRAFT is closely aligned with the Due Diligence Guidance from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and goes a bit further than this proposing an improvement route focused on other high risks observed in the sector.

The Alliance for Responsible Mining and RESOLVE promoted the development of CRAFT code through a highly participative process and the support of EPRM. Intending to advise and guide the making of CRAFT, an advisory group and a technical committee accompany this process with the participation of organizations and experts in the mineral industry.

ISEAL recommends at least 2 rounds of public consultation for the standards that establish the best practices, in consideration of that, CRAFT increases credibility and legitimacy.

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