November 29, 2016

In the framework of the Somos Tesoro Initiative, The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) is supporting since 2013 the formalization of the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) in 8 municipalities in the regions of Boyacá and Antioquia, in Colombia. The project aims to reduce the number of children associated with mining through a global strategy that, among other actions, promote regulations on mining safety and health, and the formalization of the ASM as a way to prevent child labour. Within the project’s activities, the second version of the Farmer Fair called “Feria campesina, cultural y minera para conquistar el mundo” took place in November in Boyacá, as part of the project´s key actions.

To raise awareness of the need for self-care prevention for miners, the ARM prepared during the event, with the help of 4 miners, two tents in which was built a small replica of a coal mine with all the safety signs, an exhibition of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and others safety tools such as stretchers and fire extinguishers. Moreover, inside of the mine, drawings on mining self-care and rejection of child labour made by children who participated in the project, were exposed, as well as photos showing all the progresses done in terms of security, from the mines that were supporting all along this project.

The event achieved the main objectives: to raise awareness about safety and health practices, the importance of the mining self-care prevention, and the promotion of a sustainable model for entrepreneurship trade. For this reason, agro-ecological products were offered, such as bakery made from potato starch. The event was well received by the participants and ended with a projection of Colombian movies.

The project Somos Tesoro:

Somos Tesoro is a project aiming at the reduction of child labor in Colombian mining areas, implemented by a consortium constituted of Pact, Fondo Acción, Fundación Mi Sangre and the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and financed by the United States’ Department of Labour.

To find out more about Somos Tesoro visit: http://www.somostesoro.org/

To find out more about the work of the Alliance for Responsible Mining visit: https://www.responsiblemines.org/

For more information please contact: gro.s1627841323enime1627841323lbisn1627841323opser1627841323@mra1627841323"> gro.s1627841323enime1627841323lbisn1627841323opser1627841323@mra1627841323

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