New Year’s resolution: Information for formalization

ASM formalization is a challenge to all gold producing countries. Results vary greatly, but in general, ASM continue to be predominantly informal. One, but most definitely not the only cause for this, is the lack of accurate and timely information for miners, for...

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Artisanal gold miners are the new ‘COPitalists’

As a Parisian, last month was a real example of life with its mixed feelings, bumps, fights and victories. Thirty days ago our lives were hit by the dramatic Bataclan shootings. Violence was next door as almost every Parisian knew somebody who was in the attacked...

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Between legality and legitimacy: which is more important?

For those of us who have been immersed in the world of small-scale mining for years, it is common to ask this question while trying to understand the historical, economic, ethnic, environmental and social contexts that affect the idiosyncrasies of our people and...

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An intercultural approach on ASM formalization

Mining is part of the culture and way of life of many Afro-Colombian communities. Chapter V of Law 70/1993[1]of the National Constitution establishes that the Community Councils, as administrative bodies of the collective Afro-Colombian territories, have stewardship...

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Ebola, Diamonds and the Survival of the Kono People

Repost from written by Babar Turay The artisanal mining pits are generally empty, and the miners are tuned to the BBC for European football match results. In the face of Ebola, some youths in the Kono District of Sierra Leone have braved the...

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