What was the public consultation?

After a full year of development work by the CRAFT Comittee and the Advisory Group, the consultation version of CRAFT was ready to be consulted with all the actors of the supply chain, experts and other interested parties. Following the ISEAL recommendations for standard development, the public consultation was open for 60 days, from February 26 to April 26, 2018.

We invited all the interested parties to participate and provide their inputs, knowledge and experience.

First consultation results

Materials used for the public consultation

Because miners, gold buyers, refiners, public officials, civil society actors or experts could participate in the consultation in a fast and concise way, questionnaires and information sheets were provided.

Comments form and methodological guide.

For ASM Miners

For Governments and Civil Society

For Refiners and Buyers

Documents en français

Pour les mineurs de l’AMAPE

Pour les Gouvernements et

la Société Civile

Pour les Raffineurs et les Acheteurs

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