Reducing the environmental impacts of the artisanal and small-scale gold  mining (ASM)  in Gabon through the development of a monitoring mechanism

Date: December  2014- December 2015

Country: Gabon

Donor: WWF – Representation of Gabon


Development of a system based on the Fairmined certification model enabling the dissemination of sound practices of ASM in and around protected areas (PA).

Specific objectives

  • The establishment of an ASM database that allows to monitor the impacts generated by the artisanal mine in and in the vicinity of protected areas;
  • The implementation of a practice improvement process based on Fairmined certification on 2 pilot sites in or near protected areas;
  • The integration of the Fairmined standard at the national level with a focus on environmental management and poaching.


  • Fairmined Standard gap analysis are performed and improvement plan are defined and validated by mining groups
  • Effective implementation of miners´registry on pilot sites
  • Awareness raising of the miners on the legal framework and initiation of a legalization process.
  • Local sluice manufacturing and testing with miners
  • Development and delivery of a database on the ASM sector with production, activity, social and environmental criteria that allow follow-up of the evolution of the activity
  • Analysis of the ASM sector national strategy and drafting of a formalisation approach compatible with Fairmined certification in the current legal context

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