Promoting human rights in artisanal and small-scale mining in Burkina Faso – ProDHuMAPE

Period : 2021 – 2023

Country : Burkina Faso     (Northern and Plateau central regions)

Dornor : The European Commission

Consortium : EDUCO, Terre Des Hommes Lausanne, Alliance for Responsible Mining, Association of Tabital Lobal

Overall objective:

Contribute to the promotion of human rights through the improvement of living conditions of people directly and indirectly involved in artisanal and small-scale mining.

Objectif spécifique :

Strengthen a culture of human rights and associated social, environmental and economic rights in the community, particularly children and young people living and/or working in artisanal and small-scale mines (ASM) in the North and Plateau Central regions.

Outcome 1:

Integrated human rights protection systems (Child Protection Network, Communal Child Protection Network, Community Child Protection Cell) and communal social services are strengthened and offer access to social services and alternatives to the population, particularly children and young people in the MAPEs of the North and  Plateau central regions.

Outcome 2:

The steering, monitoring and follow-up of the human rights situation in ASM is carried out by all stakeholders at local and national level, and facilitates guideline setting.

Outcome 3:

ASM in the target communes are engaged in a process of legalising and formalising of their activities and progressively eliminating human rights violations in the North and Plateau Central regions.

Outcome 3:

Quantitative Results:

66% of selected MAPE (Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining) participants engaged in an ongoing CRAFT risk mitigation process, improving their internal management during the project.
They implemented concrete measures to eliminate child labor and made tangible improvements in health, safety, and environmental conditions along the supply chain.

Qualitative Results:

  • Selection and continuous training of trainers in the principles and CRAFT process, including diagnostics, reports, and support for mining groups.
  • Conducting national and targeted community interviews with key individuals associated with the MAPE sector and the risks of human rights violations in affected areas.
  • Adaptation of the ASMPROGRESSAPP Consolidated Due Diligence Assessment (CADD) digital application.
  • Support in the establishment of legal mining entities by assisting with the creation of files.
  • Specific support in creating monitoring structures for CRAFT, social aspects, security, health, and the environment.
  • Assistance in implementing production monitoring mechanisms and adopting best practices in mineral marketing.
  • Conducting awareness campaigns for miners and communities on human rights violations, health, safety, and environmental risks.
  • Providing specialized training to reduce social risks such as child labor and forced labor.
  • Offering specific training to mitigate the main environmental impacts.
  • Developing proposals for better integration of MAPE into the formal economic sector and the consideration of human rights, presented at a national workshop.
  • Creating summaries of conducted studies for parliamentarians and requesting a hearing on human rights in MAPE and the legalization of the activity.
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