Period : 2021 – 2023

Country : Burkina Faso     (North Central and West Central regions)

Donor : Global Affairs Canada

Partner : IMPACT

Overall objective :

Promotion of a more responsible gold artisanal mining sector in Burkina Faso while contributing to peace building within artisanal mining communities.

Results 2022:

  • A total of 54 AVECs were created out of 1,326 members: 177 men and 1,149 women (80% women) More than half of the AVEC members live mainly from the EMAPE (around 75% in the Center-North and 40% in the Center-West).
  • Over the course of a year, its members saved 79,886,625 CFA francs. Approximately 5,600 USD saved per month per member.
  • They have set up a solidarity fund of 4,632,700 CFA francs. Most of the members, 94% of the women and 87% of the men, signed loans with their AVEC.
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