Helping artisanal mining communities affected by covid-19 in Burkina Faso (Stage 2)

Period:  August 2021 – April 2022 (9 months)

Country:  Burkina Faso (Center North, Center West, South West)

Donor:  EGPS, World Bank


Overall objective :

Strengthen the economic resilience of artisanal mining communities.

Specific objectives:

  • Improve access to finance for artisanal miners.
  • Support the development of income generating activities (IGAs) for women working in the ASM sector.

Activities :

Component 1 #: Economic – Improve capacity to access financing opportunities.

  • Financial education to strengthen the capacity of artisanal miners to access credit.
  • Awareness raising of microfinance institutions to promote lending to the ASM sector.
  • Training in the preparation of a micro-credit application.

Expected results :

  • 450 artisanal miners (women and men) at 9 mining sites are trained.
  • Microfinance institutions in 4 regions (South West, North Central, West Central, Ouagadougou) have improved their understanding of the ASM sector.


Component 2 #: Economic and Social – Development of Income Generating Activities (IGA).

  • Support women miners seeking to improve and expand their ASM-related activities.
  • Support women in the development of alternative income generating activities (IGA) to the ASM sector (will be implemented by the Association of mining women of Burkina Faso (AFEMIB).

Expected results :

  • 45 women are supported in developing their ASM-related activities.
  • 45 women have developed a new activity (5 women at each of the 9 mining sites).

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