Barequeando ando

Date:  7 months (October 2019 – May 2020)

Country of intervention:  Colombia

Donor: Swiss Foundation for Solidarity in Tourism (SST)

Partners: Alcaldía de Santa Fe de Antioquia (Secretaria Turismo, Unidad de control minero, Oficina de la Mujer) y la Universidad Nacional (Facultad de minas y artes) 


Overall objective:

Promote gold panning as a legitimate, tourist and artisanal activity that promotes the participation and empowerment of women panners in Santa Fe de Antioquia.


Santa Fe de Antioquia, Colombia 

Expected results:

  • Vulnerable miners to improve their practices under the CRAFT Code criteria with a focus on gender equity.
  • Create and pilot a responsible tourism route for ancestral gold.
  • Women panners and jewelers know their rights and become empowered about them.
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