On April 19, as part of the project “Improving Environmental Management in the Mining Sector of Suriname, with Emphasis on Artisanal and Small-Scale Gold Mining (ASGM)” (EMSAG’s), funded by GEF, the launch of the Mining Training and Extension Centers (MTECs) took place in Brokopondo, Suriname. This project is administered by the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM).

The event began with an important project for the EMSAG, the pilot for small-scale gold extraction without mercury in Compagniecreek, in the district of Brokopondo. By symbolically activating the so-called vibrating table, the Minister of Land Management and Environment (ROM), Marciano Dasai, gave the green light to this pilot project, in collaboration with WWF-Guianas and the Alliance for Responsible Mining. “This is an important first step towards achieving mercury-free mines in Suriname,” Minister Dasai said about the pilot project. “It’s a system with advanced technology and proves that it’s possible.

The implementation of the project focused on selecting a suitable area, Compangiekreek, with a long tradition in small-scale mining. A gold crushing and concentration system was designed based on soil characteristics and local knowledge, with equipment financed by the EMSAG’s project. A successful test of the system demonstrated promising results with a good concentration of gold in the tailings.

According to Johannes Abielie, Suriname Coordinator for ARM, “This will mean significant progress for our gold miners, but even more important for our environment.”

As part of the EMSAG’s Project, a Mining Training and Extension Center (MTEC) has also been established in Brownsweg, where small-scale gold miners can receive training and information on mercury-free mining. The intention is to create more MTECs at the national level.

The EMSAG’s Project is funded by the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and implemented by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the National Institute for Environment and Development in Suriname (NIMOS).

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