Welcome to 2022! We come to this new year with an openness to work collectively towards more sustainable ways of life that benefit us all. We are excited and motivated to continue consolidating alliances to contribute to social development, environmental protection and economic growth of mining communities.

Today we celebrate our learnings and achievements of the year 2021, and we thank everyone for their support along this path. These experiences are our impulse to continue contributing to social transformation and proposing solutions to the challenges we face in our society.

We are convinced that we all can contribute significantly to the global challenges that lie ahead: climate change, sustainable production and consumption alternatives, and poverty reduction, among others. We want to make visible our significant contribution to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda proposed by the United Nations, through the Sustainable Development Goals. Thus, we will continue to position ourselves globally as an innovative and efficient organization with a great commitment to sustainability.

From ARM we have a clear route to address these challenges: the Sustainable Mines Program, a commitment that welcomes all those who are within our mission, so that no one is left out.

In this way, we will work together to continue transforming artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) into a socially and environmentally responsible activity that improves the quality of life of artisanal miners and their environment.

Along the way we have had many learned lessons and we are also fortunate to have a diverse professional team rich in talents. This has allowed us to generate knowledge that gives great value to our organization. We want to maximize this “know-how” to take it to new communities and allies. High-quality, collaborative work will be critical to planning, creating, and achieving this common purpose.

We are excited to share these learnings and experiences to collectively work for a better artisanal and small-scale mining sector! 

Gina D’Amato, General Director of the Alliance for Responsible Mining

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