The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and RESOLVE carried out a revision of the Code of Risk-mitigation for ASM: engaging in Formal Trade (CRAFT) version 1.0, launched in July 2018, incorporating the lessons learned of the first experiences in order to develop the CRAFT version 2.0. This was realized with the support of the Advisory Group, Standard Committee and key stakeholders in the artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) sector and the industry.




CRAFT is the first step of a journey of responsible mining to invest in a mining you can trust.

CRAFT is an open-source standard. It enables ASM gold producers to access formal markets by proactively facilitating due diligence of their supply chains conforming with the OECD Guidance at the earliest possible stage of their development.


Main changes that you will find in CRAFT

  • New structure: now CRAFT is composed of 3 volumes to meet the needs of the specific public.
    Volume1: CRAFT – Introduction and general characteristics.
    Volume2: CRAFT requirements for ASM mineral poducers.
    2Acommodity-independent requirements.
    : commodity-specific requirements.
    Volume3: CRAFT for users or schemes.

An orientation guideline will be published soon.

  • New CRAFT scope for more minerals: gold, 3T, cobalt and gemstones
  • Clarifications were made on some criteria:
    • Clarifications were added to the criteria related to public and private security, child labor, complaints mechanism and relationship with the community.
    • More guidance for communication was added.
    • Further guidance for CRAFT schemes, users and supply chains who want to use the CRAFT standard was added.
    • New criteria was written for the other 3T and cobalt products.

Benefits for you

If you are a gold or other metals buyer…

Get involved with your providers, invest in the sector of artisanal and small-scale mining, which wants to do mining you can trust in. Benefits for you:

  • Compliance with the OECD Due Diligence Guidance.
  • Access to gold sourcing from artisanal and small-scale mining committed to risk management and mitigation.
  • Due diligence driving development in mining communities.
  • Contribution to best practices, sector strengthening and economic development of mining areas.

If you are part of a government or an organization of civil society…

Contribute to the development of artisanal and small scale mining so it develops into mining you can TRUST. Benefits for you:

  • Mining royalties received from incorporating artisanal and small-scale mining gold into legal supply chains.
  • Better governance of non-renewable natural resources.
  • Legitimization of small-scale gold mining as a source of rural employment and opportunity for local development.
  • Less negative impacts caused by mining activities.

If you are a miner who Works in artisanal or small-scale mining…

CRAFT is your passport to formal markets. Start the journey of responsible mining.

  • Access to formal supply chains.
  • More insight into industry expectations.
  • Incentives to eliminate worst mining practices.
  • More legitimacy of miners’ activities.
  • A practical roadmap to formalization.
  • Positive change using a progressive improvement approach.


After a second consultation…

The process of the revision started on April 2019 during the OECD responsible minerals supply conference, where ARM and RESOLVE presented the objective of Term of Reference for the revision process to key stakeholders and some of the Advisory Group and Standard Committee members. After this session, on June 25, 2019, we published the announcement of Term of Reference of the revision to capture any other recommendations from the stakeholders.

Then, all the public had the opportunity to provide inputs from March 30 to May 30, 2020 with a second round of public consultation. We received 270 comments with the participation of 62 ASM mining organizations, refiners, downstream companies, NGOs, government agencies, academia, industry and standards initiatives and associations, mining dialogue groups, jewelry companies, support organizations for ASM, traders with a representation of 20 countries.

The comments were grouped according to whether they focused on technical, strategic, or editorial issues.

If you want to get involved with mining that you can trust write to gro.s1716732340enimt1716732340farc@1716732340sdrad1716732340nats1716732340

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This was made possible by the funding from EPRM.

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