From March 8 to 11 of 2020, we had the opportunity to participate in the first edition of the Ghana Gold Expo in Takoradi, an event co-organized by the Government of the Western Ghana region with Aurum Monaco.

This event was attended by representatives of institutions, small-scale miners, actors in the supply chain, civil society, among others.


We carry out enriching exchanges with different actors, in which it was demanded the need to provide economically viable, efficient solutions adapted to the organizational and operational reality. The importance of creating favorable environments that allow changes to be effective and sustainable over time, through the strengthening of capacities of miners and service providers, financial facilities, among others, was emphasized.

Additionally, the Alliance for Responsible Mining had the opportunity to present its vision for the progressive eradication of mercury.

The cooperation and mobilization of the different actors were highlighted as a fundamental element to promote the formalization process, emphasizing that the actors in the supply chain are capable of having a role, by adopting models such as CRAFT and Fairmined.

Ghana suffered a one-and-a-half-year ban on small-scale mining activity, from which it has been recovering since last year. The situation is still complicated and much of its activity continues to be informal; However, this event was an opportunity to identify that there is a great willingness of different actors to offer their support to reach a progressive formalization of the sector, to which, of course, the Alliance for Responsible Mining will join, through strengthening our intervention capacity in this country.

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