Within the framework of the partnership with Solidarity-Ghana, the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) developed a workshop from Wednesday the 16th to Thursday the 17th of October in Tarkwa, the Western Region of Ghana.

The objective of the event, developed by Yves Bertran, ARM executive director, along with Baptiste Coue, Africa Project Coordinator, was to train participants on the application of the CRAFT Code, a tool that serves as a passport to the formal market for artisanal and small-scale miners focused on mitigating the main risks of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM).

This training session, which was attended by more than 30 participants, was organized within the framework of an agreement with Solidaridad, a Dutch NGO that has been an ARM ally for several years.

One of the highlights of this workshop was the interesting debate about the identification of risks related to human rights; particularly the rights of women, the extortion, and corruption of state armed groups (armed forces).  

The workshop was attended by regional stakeholders and representatives of artisanal and small-scale mining organizations (ASMO) that is supporting the project, such as the Minerals Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, the national association of artisanal miners (GNASSEM), and NGOs such as Friends of the Nation and Solidaridad.

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