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Octuber 25th 2016

Fairmined authorized Suppliers play a vital role in the Fairmined Initiative. They are the link between the certified artisanal mining organizations and the Fairmined Licensees, which are those companies that produce consumer products made of Fairmined Gold.

Fairmined Suppliers are the refiners, traders, manufacturers and casters that transform the gold into inputs for the various segments of the gold industry such as alloys, wire, sheet and casting grain. They provide access to the market for the Fairmined certified miners and provide their gold in various semi-finished products to the gold industry.

The commitment and effort they make to supply Fairmined Gold is commendable. It can be very complicated to source gold from the artisanal and small-scale mining sector (ASM).  Artisanal miners and the gold buyers together often have to overcome barriers such as:  small volumes, inconsistent production schedules, remote locations, miners having little prior experience exporting and dealing with international buyers, lack of trade financing, exposure to financial risk with volatility of gold and currencies, security issues for transporting valuable goods, insurance, complex or burdensome export regulations, and a lack of infrastructure and technology.

Nowadays Fairmined Gold is available despite all the obstacles, and has been sold to over 120 business in 21 countries. Fairmined authorized Suppliers can be accredited with creating trailblazing traceable value chains, helping miners export gold for the very first time or being the first to supply Fairmined Gold to their markets.

Fairmined would not be possible without their commitment to support responsible artisanal and small-scale mining. That is why we recognize and say thank you for the contributions of all the Fairmined authorized Suppliers: Alloy/Colombia, Argen/USA, Fair Trade Jewellery Co./Canada, Hoover & Strong/USA, Majoral/Spain, Metalor/Switzerland, Ogussa/Austria, PX Precinox/Switzerland, Quantiem/Spain, S&P Trading/ France, Vipa Designs/UK.

The Alliance for Responsible Mining wants also provide a special recognition for S&P Trading, which on a global scale traded the most volume of Fairmined Gold and has supplied the most number of Fairmined Licensees over the past year.  We also want to recognize authorized suppliers in two important markets for Fairmined: Hoover & Strong has supplied the most jewellers in North America and Vipa Designs the most in the UK.

You want to know how to become a Fairmined authorized Supplier or what the requirements are?

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