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January 28th 2016

Traceability and assurance are the most important pillars of the Fairmined Certification System, guaranteeing that Fairmined products are what they are claimed to be. That is why the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) is happy to announce that the improved traceability and certification management solution for the Fairmined System, Ecert, is now up and running.

All actors in the Fairmined supply chain, from the miners to the operators and licensees, are now reporting Fairmined sales and purchases through the online portal Ecert that was put into use on the 1st of January 2016.

“As a certification system grows, it is important to implement this kind of professional IT system to ensure the documental traceability of the certified metals and enhance credibility and confidence with our stakeholders”, said Lina Villa-Córdoba, Executive Director in the Alliance for Responsible Mining. “Implementing Ecert is a first step on our way to make the participation in the Fairmined supply chain easier and more cost-effective without compromising the quality of assurance”.

Also in Vipa Desings, a Fairmined licensee since 2015, the implementation of Ecert is a welcomed feature of the Fairmined System:

“Having a traceability and certification management solution like this means we can confidently be a link in the chain, knowing that there is an increased transparency in the process” said Peter Crump, Managing Director at Vipa Designs.

Ecert provides the Fairmined supply chain actors with a way to keep track of their Fairmined transactions while allowing ARM and the auditors authorized by ARM to control the integrity of the chain of custody more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Through the user-friendly online portal, the users can access the system to report and analyze their sales and purchases and manage their audits and certification process online.

Ecert was developed by Intact Consult, an experienced specialist in the field of audit and certification management.

Download full press release here.

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