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11 de noviembre de 2015

We are pleased to announce that MINERA SOTRAMI SA, one of the very first organizations ever to certify under the Fairmined Standard, has passed the audit for recertification and as such renewed their Fairmined Certification for another year.

To recertify, SOTRAMI has made various improvements to their operations – among these great advances in their internal control and traceability system. This achievement was mainly possible thanks to the hard work of the SOTRAMI shareholders and to the “Fairmined System of Production” concept introduced in the Fairmined Standard V. 2.0, that has facilitated that SOTRAMI include all the miners in the areas under SOTRAMI´s responsibility. The Fairmined System of Production is defined by mapping the areas, communities, mines and processing units and through detailed register of miners who are part of the Fairmined supply-chain. The certified mining organization must have authority over their System of Production and is responsible for its compliance with all standard requirements.

“We are very aware of the fact that we are certification pioneers. This motivates us and commits us even more to continue doing well. We are in a stage of transformation. We are committed every year, and we will continue to improve according to our strategic plan.” said, Rolando Huamancallo, General Manager and Chairman of the Board in SOTRAMI.

Another important factor in the recertification of SOTRAMI has been the continuous support provided by the Alliance for Responsible Mining through the National Liaison in Peru and the Certification and Commercialization teams in the offices in Colombia that have guided and advised SOTRAMI throughout the process.

“The joy of getting recertified has been enormous for our friends in SOTRAMI. Not only did they meet the requirements of the Standard, the partners genuinely feel the organization has improved in several areas through this accomplishment. This is beneficial to the organization, its employees, their families and the community.” said Javier Yrigoyen, ARM´s National Liaison in Peru.

Through the recertification, SOTRAMI can continue to benefit from the positive impact of the standard compliance and from the increased opportunities for investment that the Fairmined Premium has provided. In 2014, a total of USD 460.000 was generated to the existing certified mining organizations. Thanks to the Premium that SOTRAMI received, they were able to make many important advances. To improve their business, they have invested in training for the business management team and in extra health and safety training for the workers. They have also provided drinking water and access to electricity to the local community as well as economic support to the school bus service, the lunch meals and the sport area of the local school children. Finally, they have improved the streets in Santa Filomena and the road to the nearby town of Pullo.

In ARM, we are proud to see that the Fairmined initiative is growing, and that organizations like SOTRAMI continue to improve to stay certified and to receive the benefits that the Fairmined Certification System offers the miners and their families.


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