PMEJIA©Santiago Ramirez

July 8th of 2015

550 families were left without homes this weekend when a fire destroyed most of the mining community of Cuatro Horas in Chaparra, Peru. The community is home to an association of female mineral sorters (pallaqueras) and the workers from the Macdesa Mining Company who have been part of ARM’s network for responsible mining since the very beginning.

The fire caused severe material damage to the town but fortunately people managed to escape to avoid serious injuries and the loss of life. Inhabitants are now seeking refuge in the local church where the Macdesa Company immediately supported by organizing the supply of water and food.

Together with our network in Peru, we have sent help to the community, providing food and other important supplies to the affected families. While responding to the immediate needs of the families involved, we are currently also organizing efforts in the network to help the families start over and reconstruct the community.

If you wish to support you can send an email to gro.1627841584senim1627841584elbis1627841584nopse1627841584r@mra1627841584specifying your name, email and the amount you wish to donate in USD or EUR, and we will send you an invoice over PayPal.

We will keep you updated with relevant news on the situation through email and social media.

All photos taken by Santiago Ramirez, member of MACDESA mining organization.

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