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October 1st 2014

The Fairmined Standard v2.0 was officially launched on April 4th, 2014 after a consultation process that counted on the participation of actors from the entire supply chain. During its implementation, the Fairmined team received commentaries and feedback regarding the Standard, especially on the commercial aspects.

Although the consultation process — which resulted in the final text of the Standard — was comprehensive and incorporated many points of view and experience from the actors, there are aspects that can only be learned during an implementation phase.

Our pilot testing mechanism

ARM has decided to create a practical mechanism that allows Fairmined to pilot test amendments to the Standard. This can help set up real testing and learning processes that helps the Standards Committee and ARM’s Board of Directors take better informed decisions that take into consideration the different realities and needs expressed by the actors who participate in the certification scheme when formally reviewing the Standard.

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Our current pilots

On August 20, 2014 ARM’s Fairmined Standards Committee approved the implementation of two two-year pilot projects to assess the feasibility and relevance of the following amendments:

Pilot 1: Amendment Project for Fairmined Incorporated’s Segregated Refining Criteria

This pilot will test the possible modification of the segregated refining criterion of the Fairmined Incorporated model (Market Annex) to make it a progressive criterion that lets market players prepare and set up the necessary infrastructure for segregated refining. In this regard, segregated refining for the Fairmined Incorporated model will be a requirement on year 3.

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Pilot 2: Amendment Project for the Composition Rules of Fairmined Labeled Products

This pilot will test the possible modification the text of criterion 2.2.5 of the Market Annex regarding the composition of Fairmined consumption products so it reflects the technical reality of the jewelry sector, where there are a variety of sub-products that have been pre-manufactured using jewels that are not available in Fairmined quality.

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 For more information on ARM´s pilot testing process and the approved pilots, please contact Maria Luisa Villla: gro.g1627842590ninim1627842590ytinu1627842590mmoc@1627842590vasiu1627842590laira1627842590m1627842590


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