October 2nd 2014

As another demonstration of the gold industry’s increasing commitment to ethical practices and certification systems, the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) is happy to announce its recent authorization of Metalor as a Fairmined Refiner.

Metalor is a leading worldwide precious-metals refiner. With subsidiaries in 17 countries, the Swiss-based group will be offering refining services in Fairmined gold upon request. Metalor will be able to provide fully traceable Fairmined gold via the Fairmined Labeled sourcing model as well as offering certified gold through Fairmined’s new innovative sourcing model “Fairmined Incorporated”. Fairmined Incorporated provides the gold sector with a flexible way of integrating Fairmined certified materials into supply chains while reducing some of the barriers and costs associated with fully traceable gold.

Download official press release in English, Spanish and French.


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