May 21st 2014

When this year’s winner of the Palme D’or (the golden palm) receives the award this Saturday, he or she will be the first receiver ever of a Palme D’or made with certified Fairmined Gold. The Fairmined standard and certification system for gold was developed by the Alliance for Responsible Mining and its partners to support sustainable development in Artisanal and Small-scale Mining (ASM) communities.

The Alliance for Responsible Mining has worked for the empowerment and recognition of responsible ASM for the past ten years, and as miners have committed to Fairmined practices they have been made living proof that artisanal mining can be done responsibly, contributing to community development and an improved quality of life for artisanal and small scale miners and their families. Over the years ARM has seen growing interest in its initiative from the industry as a whole and has brought actors together to collaborate for a positive transformation of the mining sector.



Download the press release in english and  spanish

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