4 December, 2013

As more jewellers commit to FAIRMINED gold, the Alliance for Responsible Mining is busy licensing jewellers across the world. Recently, Denmark, considered one of the eco-friendliest countries in the world, also made the list of countries with FAIRMINED licensed jewellers.

Jewellery designer Anna-Moltke Huitfeldt is the first Dane ever to join the FAIRMINED initiative. Anna has searched the planet for ethical metals and gems since she began creating jewellery designs and, inspired by the values of her materials, she creatively designs her pieces to represent respect for human kind, positive change and a sustainable future. These are values she shares withbearers of her pieces such as the young classical star violinist Charlie Siem and others looking to make a positive difference in the world through their choice of jewellery.

Her new FAIRMINED collection “A Touch of Eternity” is inspired by the origin of the raw materials, of using rough diamonds in traditional pavé-setting, showing the values that dazzle from within and bring forward original values in a new balance.

Download the press release in English and Spanish.

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