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8 November 2013

We are happy to announce our recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IMOswiss AG in which we agree to collaborate on the development of a tailor-made Third Party Certification and Auditing System for responsible Artisanal and Small-scale Mining. The purpose of the collaboration is to implement sustainable, credible and transparent certification services to Artisanal- and Small-scale Mining Organisations and traders against ARM’s FAIRMINED Standard.

The FAIRMINED Standard for gold and associated precious metals was developed with ARM’s network for responsible mining and includes five types of requirements: traceability, social development, economic development, environmental protection and labour conditions. The mining organisations wishing to be certified are audited by a third party that will determine their compliance with the FAIRMINED Standard requirements.

Certified Artisanal and Small-scale Mining Organisations receive a FAIRMINED minimum price and a premium, which is reinvested into community projects and improved mining operations. After obtaining certification the organizations undergo annual audits to assure their compliance with the development approach of the standard and their continuous improvement of conditions at mines, processing units and in the surrounding communities.

The certification and auditing system will be in line with internationally recognized procedures and methodologies for Third Party Certification and Auditing System and shall provide all users with transparent and comprehensive information on requirements, fees and procedures.

For more information on the certification and auditing system please contact:

Mr Ronald Köpkeat the Alliance for Responsible Mining at gro.g1627737023ninim1627737023ytinu1627737023mmoc@1627737023ekpeo1627737023kdlan1627737023or1627737023

Mr Philipp Wagner at IMOswiss AG (IMO) at  hc.om1627737023i@hi1627737023    

Download the pres release in English or in Spanish.

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