February 2011

The good news keep on coming! This week theCondoto Iró Community Council from the Oro Verde (Green Gold) initiative, were issued their Fairtrade and Fairmined certificate for Ecological Gold.

90 family productive units extract gold using ancestral artisanal mining techniques that ensure a sustainable use of the natural resources of their home – Chocó Bioregion, one of the most biodiverse ecosystems on Earth. No toxic chemicals are used in the mining and strict ecological restoration practices are observed.

Oro Verde is a part of the organizational process of ethnic Afro-Colombian communities, aiming at the preservation of their ancestral knowledge and cultural identity. It was made possible by an alliance of Community Councils of Condoto y Tadó, Las Mojarras Foundation and AMICHOCÓ Foundation with the support of the Environmental Research Institute of the Pacific.

Jorge Perea, community leader of Oro Verde in Condoto, said: ‘We consider Fairtrade and Fairmined certification meets the needs of miners seeking to improve their quality of life and strengthen our identity as an ethnic group, which was the aim of this worldwide process inspired by Oro Verde. Thanks to the hard work of ARM to gather the efforts of the mining communities in Latin America and the alliance with the Fairtrade system, we celebrate the launch of a label that makes our common dream come true. The golden doors of fairness are now open for all the small miners in the world’.

Fairtrade and Fairmined certification was inspired by the Oro Verde initiative, so this really is a symbolical moment! Most sincere congratulations to the miners from Condoto, the Oro Verde alliance and all those who have believed in this idea and made it a reality.

Visit Oro Verde website for more information.

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