SANU KURA : Support for the creation of a legal artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) activity in Burkina Faso

Date:  2019 – 2022 (4 years)

Location:  Burkina Faso (Center-west, Center-north, South-west)

Donors:  European Union (EU), through the Instrument contributing to Stability and Peace (IcSP).

Main mission

Increase the contribution of ASM to the human and rural development of Burkina Faso through legal and viable production and commercialization channels.

Specific objectives

  • The progressive formalization of the artisanal gold-mining sector, which will contribute to the reduction of negative environmental and social impact;
  • The creation of economic opportunities for artisanal and small-scale miners through their connection to the formal market. This will be made possible by the mechanisms established by the CRAFT Code and the Fairmined Standard, in line with the due-diligence requirements for responsible supply chains set by the OCDE Guidance.


The aim of this project is to work with at least 20 mining groups in Center-west, Center-north, South-west and reach, directly or indirectly, about 3,000 artisanal miners, among which, at least, are 500 women.

Expected results

That the 6’% of the mining groups supported improve their level of formalization (legalization of operations, reduction of risks and adoption of good practices on an organizational, managerial, social and environmental level); that they abandon the use of mercury for methods that do not require the use of dangerous substances; and generate 10 channels for the legal sale of gold.

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