Somos Tesoro – Stage 2

Date:  2019 – 2020

Country:  Colombia

Donor:  United States Labor Department

Implementers:  Alliance for Responsible Mining, PACT and Fundación Mi Sangre


Somos Tesoro stage 2 is an extension of the project Somos Tesoro. The main purpose of the project is to reduce child labor in the country’s mining areas. To achieve this, we will put into place a strategy with three lines of action:

  1. Sustainability: We will continue with the processes that we established during the first stage of the project Somos Tesoro, between 2013 and 2018, to guarantee the continuity and sustainability of the project in time;
  2. Dissemination: We will disseminate and share the intervention model of Somos Tesoro with the aim of making the good practices and lessons learned easily adoptable by public and private entities in two new municipalities;
  3. Pilot and improvement of the model: We will carry out a pilot in which we will apply all that we have learned during the first stage, in order to guarantee the sustainability and continuity of the project Somos Tesoro. This will allow to improve the intervention model, which, in the mining sector, will include due diligence with a focus on the CRAFT code.

For sustainability, ARM will offer consulting to institutions that work for the support of children and aim at the eradication of child labor; we will create spaces to promote communication among private and public institutions and miners, with the aim of defining action plans that connect the offer of the former with the formalization needs of the latter. Training will be provided to the miners and public officials on themes like formalization, health and safety on the work place, prevention of child labor and due diligence processes with a focus on the CRAFT code; also, we will organize events for the exchange of good practices among small-scale miners.

For dissemination, we will assess two companies that have great influence in the area on good practices and the lessons learned from the model of Somos Tesoro, CRAFT and due diligence. We will train public officials on due diligence, CRAFT code, formalization, child labor in mining, and health and safety with the aim of introducing them to a strategy that promotes formalization as a mean to reduce child labor. We will also carry out local CRAFT diagnostics with a focus on child labor in mining, which will support the dissemination of the model.

For the pilot, we will apply the integrated model of Somos Tesoro in a new municipality, focusing our efforts on the establishment of CRAFT schemes, which, through due diligence, will generate market incentives that promote the eradication of child labor. We will work with local officials on CRAFT, due diligence processes, formalization, health and safety and child labor in mining with the aim of aligning their efforts with the purpose of the pilot. We will support artisanal and small-scale manufacturers on commercialization, supply chains and organizational topics and we will raise awareness in the mining communities on the need of eradicating child labor.


Colombia. Antioquia (Segovia, Remedios, El Bagre, Zaragoza and San Roque), and Boyacá (Mongua, Gámeza, Sogamoso, Tópaga and Paipa).

Expected results

  • Ensuring the sustainability of the results achieved by involving the participant miners in new programs to support the formalization and elimination of child labor;
  • Spreading the model of Somos Tesoro in new municipalities;
  • Organizing a pilot and improving the model of Somos Tesoro, orienting it towards market incentives, due diligence and the strengthening of the organizational aspects of artisanal and small-scale manufacturers.
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