Dates: 2018 – 2021

Intervention country: Colombia

Donor: U.S. Department of Labor

Partner: Pact


Beginning in February 2018, ARM and Pact will work together to implement a 3-year project that aims to combat child labor and improve the working conditions of ASM in Colombia. This will be done by strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations, building their ability to become proactive and key players in three areas:

  • Identifying and documenting objective information on child or forced labor and poor working conditions across the gold supply chain;
  • Raising awareness on protecting workers, especially minors, from situations of harassment, violations of their rights, etc.;
  • Implementing initiatives to end child labor.

Within the framework of this project, ARM will be involved with training civil society in workshops on specific topics, such as the perception of child labor or health and safety in mines. This project will take place in El Bagre, Zaragoza, Barranco de Loba, and San Martin de Loba.

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