Inclusive miners

Name of the proyect: 
Promote and upscale an inclusive, responsible and gender-sensitive model of clean, responsible artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM), based on the Fairmined Certification system, in the region of Puno – Inclusive miners

October 2020 – September 2023

Country of intervention:

Ensemble Foundation

Alliance for Responsible Mining

About the project

This is the second phase of the project that was developed in Peru from 2017 to 2020 with the Ensemble Foundation. Find out here the achievements accomplished during these years.


  • Strengthening of an inclusive governance strategy (with a gender perspective) to influence mining policies and spread the Fairmined model at the regional and national levels.
  • Expansion and sustainability of the Fairmined Cluster in the Puno region: good mining practices are established in the small-scale mining organizations, with a focus on environmental issues.
  • Improvement of the living conditions of women miners in the Puno area.


Women miners context:  A study published in 2018 by ARM shows a masculinized mining sector, with a macho culture where discrimination of women in the workplace is common and visible in aspects such as hiring, work, personal and family conciliation and respect of sexual and reproductive rights.

At ARM, we identified a need for developing an inclusive governance and bottom-up advocacy strategy to aim at making the conditions of women miners more visible at regional and national levels, and put the discussions for improving their precarious working conditions and livelihoods more firmly on the agenda.

Certified mining organizations context: There is a need to continue supporting these organizations in their improvement process in order to fulfill the progressive criteria of the Fairmined Standard, to maintain the certification. All the organizations require strengthening in accounting, environmental, health and safety issues, and to improve their commercial management. 


Fairmined certified mining organizations: Oro Puno SA (certified in 2018), Cruz Pata (in 2020) and the CECOMIP Ltda Cooperative (in 2016). Two new mining organizations to be certified. Women miners from CECOMIP (referred to as bateadoras) and from Pallaqueras Association of La Rinconada (women rock collectors).  


The intervention strategy will be based on the holistic supply-chain model developed by ARM over the years to address the complexity and numerous issues surrounding ASM. It is based on a step by step route to formal markets through the CRAFT code and the Fairmined standard.

Results 2022

  • 3 recertified mines (Cruz Pata, Oro Puno and CECOMIP)
  • 4 mines in the certification process in Madre de Dios (Linda 2, Fátima, El Principe Azul 1 and Abel 3)
  • Creation of a Revolving Fund for Pallaqueras women
  • CECOMIP, a certified mine, created a Gender Equality Committee.
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