On march 30, we launched the Craft 2.0 revision worldwide, which has a very important purpose: that we all become part of the improvement of the CRAFT Code, which is in its second revision. This improvement will contribute to the connection between miners and formal markets

Craft is for everyone, so it must be built by everyone!


Which is its purpose?

CRAFT, passport to formal markets, is a tool for artisanal or small-scale miners that connects them with formal markets. It is focused on the mitigation of the main risks related to this sector.

Key aspects

  • It is a code that adopts the definitions offered in the OECD Due Diligence Guidance.
  • It is an open source standard meant to be applicable globally, with no areas excluded.
  • It is designed to apply to artisanal gold in any tradable form. However, it can be adapted for other minerals.

Participatory structured

The CRAFT revision was structured according to the main CRAFT themes. The idea is that each person or organization can support the topic they know best, through questionnaires located on the website: https://www.craftmines.org/en/creation-process/craft-code-revision/

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