The association Divinas en Brillo de Oro, made up of some members of La Central de Cooperativas Minero Metalúrgicas de Puno (CECOMIP), exhibited more than 50 silver jewels, including earrings, rings, and necklaces, designed and made by themselves.

Since its creation in November 2018, Divinas en Brillo de Oro members have been trained to create a sustainable goldsmith business. Therefore, the members of the association have been training for the creation and elaboration of handcrafted jewelry in the CECOMIP facilities, where a workshop was adapted so that they could promote their design and jewelry creation capabilities.

The members were working for 15 days with the seed capital that the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) managed so that they could make their handmade jewelry. They counted on the help of Pedro Carrillo, handmade jeweler from Peru, who taught them how to create earrings, rings, and necklaces.

The first sample of jewels created by the members was shown to the members of CECOMIP in Puno, Peru, in order to show the results of several months of training and learning. The members received congratulations from Rony Molina, CECOMIP Board of Directors, and the other partners for their effort and performance.

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