Experts in the industry and featured professionals in the energy sector attended and they addressed some of the key problems that affect energy generation.

The ninth International Conference and Exposition of Mining and Energy of Zambia (ZIMEC 2019), which took place from June 13 to 14 in the city of Lusaka, focused on designing guidelines for the sustainable growth of the mining and energy sector in Zambia. The event was organized by the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Zambia, the Chamber of Mines of Zambia and by AME Trade Ltd

The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), represented by Patrick Schein, member of the Board of Directors of ARM, participated in the session: reviewing of the needs of small-scale miners and recommending they be addressed; and in the question and answer panel: focuses to incorporate local SMEs and improve the capacity and skills of small-scale miners. During these sessions, Patrick had the opportunity to highlight the potential of artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) and highlight its role as a low carbon emitter, a great generator of rural employment, a foreign exchange contributor, and a contributor to indirect taxes.

As Zambia is one of the leading African countries in the development of renewable energy, it was a very good opportunity for attendees to learn about the sector and learn how to move towards sustainable energy.

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