On July 8, 9 and 10, the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) hosted the regional workshop in the city of Chala, Peru, where the formalization requirements were discussed; The different members of the supply chain collaborated in order to expedite the marketing and exporting processes, and access loans. Miners also exchanged stories about their experiences during the internship at the MACDESA mining organization.

The workshop was the optimal space for mining organizations, logistics agents, transportation companies, refiners, and national gold buyers to come together. Ideas were exchanged and the experiences and challenges of artisanal and small-scale mining (MAPE) were discussed in order to clarify doubts about commercialization and formalization issues.

On the first day, Engineer Juan Reyner Paredes Molina of the General Direction of Mining Formalization (DGFM) of the Ministry of Energy and Mines presented the IGAFOM and discussed the progress of the formalization processes. Delegates of the National Superintendence of Customs and Tax Administration (SUNAT) presented the mining sector’s tax responsibilities and the Code of Conduct of the User of Chemical Inputs and Controlled Goods (??), the formal sales benefits and the correct taxation, customs procedures, and of the General Sales Tax (GST) return. Fairmined Fair Mining Standard certified mining organizations exchanged experiences, and finally Shared Interest’s Jhonny Cabellos Mendo spoke about financial education and credit facilities with fair trade companies.

The second day Engineer Cesar Calderón of the Geological Mining and Metallurgical Institute discussed areas of Free Availability, the formulation of mining requests, and the Geological Characteristics of the Main Areas of the Mid-South such as Santa Filomena, San Luis, and Chaparra, as well as those of the Puno Region such as Ananea, Pampa Blanca, Rinconada and Ollachea. Soledad Peru’s Mauricio Winkelried and Jonathan Jaramillo spoke about the Importance of a productive coexistence between mining scales. The Ministry of Enviroment’s Lucy Martínez discussed the Minamata agreement, Eugenio Huayhua from PRECINOX discussed the market perspective, Owen Mozombite from Beyonds Logistics Hair exposed the requirements of the operation and the management process, and finally Rubén Alfredo Guerra Bacilio de Hermes answered some questions about compliance and transport safety.

On the third day of the event workshop attendees were able to exchange experiences and knowledge thanks to the visit to Minera Aurífera Cuatro de Enero S.A. (MACDESA). It was a very enriching space since artisanal miners and public institutions were able to learn about the good practices carried out by another mining organization.

Among those who attended the workshop were representatives of the mining organizations CECOMIP, Oro Puno, MACDESA, SOTRAMI, FIDAMI, MEDSURSA, CENCOMIN, Wilcaq, San Luis, Tumi de Oro, Agustin Flores, La Rinconada and SONAMIPE pallaqueras central. As well as some  state and other organizations that attended the General Directorate of Mining Formalization (DGFM): Beyond logistics, Hermes, Trade Gold, Precinox, SUNAT, INGEMMET, Shared Interest, Ministry of Environment, UNDP and Solidarity.

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