The goal of the event was to assist small mining producers in employing clean technologies to eradicate the use of mercury in mining, as well as for miners to know and approach the various state agencies involved in mining.

The NEOMIN mining micro-fair, organized by Greenfields Minerals and the National Artisanal Miner Federation of Peru (FENAMARPE), was held from April 10 to 12 in the city of Nazca, Peru. The purpose of the event was to provide advice to the visitors on issues such as engineering, property, services and mining sector financing through free consultancy services. It consisted of 80 booths, 20 conferences and talks, 100 exhibitors and professionals, 16 foreign and 44 Peruvian companies, and over 15,000 visitors.

The Workshop on Clean Technologies, organized by the Ministry of the Environment in collaboration with the Responsible Gold Initiative and with the participation of the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) and state agencies such as the Tax Administration National Superintendence (SUNAT), the Ministry of Labor, the Ministry of Production, the National Superintendence of Public Records (SUNARP) and the General Directorate of Mining Formalization – among others – was held on Thursday, April 11. During the workshops, the participants were able to analyze the performance of mercury-free technologies for mineral beneficiation and were able to approach these technologies and their providers.

ARM’s team participated in the workshop explaining the requirements and benefits of the Fairmined Certification as well as the importance of engaging in responsible mining practices.

The initiative for the performance of these workshops is quite positive since it addresses the most urgent needs of miners. Leveraging entities of the state, the civil society and miners to build synergies so that they have a larger number of beneficiaries is, however, a major challenge.

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