The Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) foundation opened an association in Europe composed by the 8 members of the board of directors of the foundation. As a result, the “Association Alliance pour une Mine Responsable – Europe” (ARM Europe), based in France, is now a reality.

Currently, ARM’s parent company is based in Envigado, Colombia, and has set up the ARM branch in Europe in order to make a management bridge between the foundation and the projects being developed in Africa. This allows ARM not only to be closer to many of its current allies (african miners, jewelers, refiners and consultants, among others) but also to establish more direct and fluid relations with development actors of the European continent, increasing the capacity, efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. ARM Europe seeks to initiate a closer dialogue with bilateral cooperations and approach other types of allies, such as universities and other entities, as well as improve the Fairmined Standard presence in Europe.

ARM Europe will start with two projects: one in Burkina Faso, Africa; and the other one in Guayanas, South America, under the direction of ARM’s executive director, Yves Bertran.

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