The first week of September the Board of Directors of the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM) chose Felix Hruschka as the new president and Harbi Guerrero as vice president. Due to their great work done during several years in the organization, from now on, the two experts will be at the head of ARM, being the most responsible for the foundation, formulating policies and strategies, providing advice on specific issues and ensuring funding adequate of the organization.

Currently, the Board of Directors, the highest authority of ARM and the body in charge of directing and managing the organization, is made up of 8 members: Felix Hruschka (president), Harbi Guerrero (vice president), Cristina Echavarría, Maria Laura Barreto, Toby Pomeroy, Patrick Schein, Manuel Reinoso and Natalia Uribe, the latter representing ARM’s work team (of more than 40 people) in this body.

We congratulate and thank Maria Laura Barreto for the great work done during the eight years as president of the Board. Thanks to her experience and great management, ARM has managed to position itself as a leader in supporting the artisanal and small scale mining (MAPE) sector and has grown rapidly, following its values ​​and being a foundation that works globally from the South. We also thank Manuel Reinoso, who was the vice president for eight years. His work and perseverance have been fundamental for the organization during all these years.

Laura and Manuel will continue being members of the Board of Directors with the objective of opening roads for the ARM and achieveing all the proposed goals.

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