At the Alliance for Responsible Mining (ARM), we recognize the importance of providing a quality service and transparency in the certification processes for the Fairmined Standard. Therefore, we seek out firms that provide auditing and certification services as third-party and independent entities to assess compliance with the requirements of the Fairmined Standard for gold and associated precious metals.

We believe it is important to expand the audit options so that artisanal and small-scale mining organizations (ASMOs) can choose which firm to contract for the audit and certification service. For this reason, towards the end of last year ARM initiated the process of evaluating the capabilities and experience of NaturaCert in providing audit and certification services. The firm’s officers also attended and completed the training process in the Fairmined Standard, led by the Standards and Certification Department of ARM.

Today ARM announces that we will now recognize the audit and certification firm NaturaCert, along with IMO Swiss AG. We consider that these entities have the necessary experience and qualifications to audit and certify ASMOs in their compliance with the requirements of the Fairmined Standard.

NaturaCert was created in 2008 as an initiative of the environmental foundation Fundación Natura Colombia, but it is now a completely independent non-profit organization. It provides auditing and certification services for national or international standards that promote sustainable development and biodiversity conservation.

ARM decided to open up the options of auditing firms for the miners, because this will positively impact all actors involved in the Fairmined supply chain. ASMOs will be able to select the option that best meets their budgetary and logistics needs, choosing between the professional and quality services for audit and certification offered by IMO Swiss AG and NaturaCert. On the other side of the supply chain, refiners and buyers will be able to trust that OMAPEs are being periodically audited by independent entities.

For more information on the Fairmined Certification process, the recognized auditing firms, and the Fairmined Standard, please contact the Standards and Certification Department of ARM via email: gro.s1627840138enime1627840138lbisn1627840138opser1627840138@trec1627840138.">gro.s1627840138enime1627840138lbisn1627840138opser1627840138@trec1627840138.


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