Support for certification of mining organizations in Colombia and Bolivia

Date: 2013-2016

Countries: Colombia, Bolivia

Donor: Chopard



The project has worked towards improving practices in Artisanal and Small-Scale Mining Organizations (ASMOs) in Colombia and Bolivia. The project has had three primary beneficiary mining organizations, two of which have received support since the initial phase of the project which are the mining organizations 15 de Agosto (Bolivia) and COODMILLA LTDA (Colombia); and a third organization, the Iquira Agro-Mining Cooperative (Colombia), joined the project in the second half of 2015.

Key achievements

  • Implementation of an internal and external system to improve the efficiency of mining.
  • Implementation of a waste and sludge treatment system in two mining organizations.
  • Improvements in environmental management (creation of a committee, implementation of waste disposal areas).
  • On average, a 30% reduction of mercury use.
  • Implementation of measures to improve occupational health and safety conditions (for example: installation of a safety kit in the mines, affiliation of miners with social security level 5, training workshops)
  • Creation and implementation of an internal control system at each stage: extraction, processing and marketing.
  • Creation of two gold export guides in Colombia and Bolivia.
  • Capacity building of 12 women from the “Association of Female Jewellers” in marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • Three workshops to exchange mining experiences in Colombia, Peru and Bolivia.
  • The Coodmilla cooperative received the Fairmined Certification in 2016.
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