At the moment ARM has a staff of around 40 people working in the following areas:

Executive Director

Yves Bertran, Director ARM Europe


Executive Director

Marcin Piersiak, Executive Director ARM

Administration and Finances

Head: Santiago Londoño Orozco

New Iniciatives, Partnerships and Innovation

Head: Géraud Brunel


Territorial Strategies and Governance for sustainable ASM

Head: Natalia González Parias

Supply chains and market

Head: Conny Havel


Standards and Certification

Head: Natalia Uribe Martínez


Mining Services

Head: Jairo Cardenas

Project Manager of Colombia and Peru

Head: Maureen Ducarouge

Monitoring and Evaluation

Head: Yerly Descanse



Head: Maria Pujol Bremer


Africa Projects Coordinator

Head: Baptiste Coue


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