Proudly women miners

Women miners united for gender equity

Dates: 2018 – 2019 (six months)

Intervention country: Colombia (Boyacá)

Donor: Canadian Fund for Local Initiatives

Project for empowering female miners and promoting gender equality in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) in the province of Sugamuxi, Boyacá, Colombia.


This project will foster the empowerment and participation of women in the mining sector through the creation of a women miners’ association that also enables women to come together to achieve a more responsible, egalitarian and equitable mining.

The association is expected to be the voice of female miners, putting their role in the sector in the limelight, bringing to light their specific problems and implementing strategies and tools toward their empowerment, their participation in the sector, and the promotion of human rights knowledge and education (in particular, women’s and labor rights) among artisanal and small-scale miners.

In addition, the association will allow female miners to have someone to turn to in case they are the victims of violence, discrimination and abuse in the sector.

Proudly women miners looks for…

  • Foster gender equality within the sector,
  • Prevent the risk of gender violence in mining,
  • Provide human rights (in particular, women’s, children’s and labor rights), leadership, employability and project planning training and advice to female miners.
  • Raise awareness among miners on the prevention, reporting, addressing and identification of gender violence in the mining sector.
  • Organize administration, accounting, safety and mining-environment courses for miners certified by the Servicio Nacional de Aprendizaje
  • Create a communication campaign aimed at gender equality in ASM.
  • Organize workshops with the purpose of reflecting on the roles and gender stereotypes in mining with miners and their families.

Why this project?

Since 2013, ARM has been working hand-in-hand with 70 coal mines in Boyacá, with whom we are performing a joint gender gap study. In the focus groups and interviews with female miners, they stated that they needed support to get organized and defend their rights in the sector. In relation to this study, some of these women and the Women’s Secretariat (Secretaría de la Mujer) of Sogamoso were contacted in the field and encouraged to participate and offer their ideas for the project.

News about the project

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